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Munich, Bavaria, Germany
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angelas ashes, anna netrebko, asian food, bad boys, bad girls, billy, books, calisthenics, cats, celtic stuff, cheese, classical music, computer, cooking, corvus corax, criminal minds, csi, david mamet, david rossi, drabbles, dvds, ebay, ebooks, emily prentiss, english, erotic novels, espresso, everything new, facebook, fantasies, football, friends, geekfiction, gia mantegna, gilmore girls, grissom, grissom/sara, gsr, guiseppe verdi, gypsy my cat, hawk, hope, house, inline skating, internet, ipod, ireland, irish dancing, irish music, italy, jack reacher, james purefoy, james twining, joe mantegna, john grisham, john sandford, jonathan kellerman, jorja fox, kaltenberger ritterturnier, ken follett, kid rock, kings of leon, learning english, lee child, lj, maroon 5, michael flatley, minette walters, movies, mozart, multifiction, music, my son, nicholas sparks, nickelback, nlp, no pizza, opera, paget brewster, pasta, patrick, peter maffay, placido domingo, potatoe chips, power, puccini, razorlight, reading, reviewing, rice, robert b. parker, robert crais, robert james ritchie, rolando vilazon, running, sara, skiing, snow patrol, soccer, spenser, sports, susan silverman, the big bang theory, the secret, tom wolfe, universe, verdi, virgil flowers, william blake, william petersen, wok, work out, writing
I´m CSI - fan almost a year! Always looking for infos, fun, geeks, friends, fanfics, muse, suggestions.....!
My name is Heike, I´m 40 years old (yes, I join the club now heheheh) and I live with my son and my boyfriend in munich.

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